Every client who has followed the Our Sales Coach process has exceeded their goals and gotten over 250% ROI and you can too!


Financial Advisors and Commercial Insurance Salespeople struggle with balancing existing customer needs and prospecting for new ones.? The question is not if, but when you will hit your plateau of no more growth.? The knowledge, relationships, skills, and experiences that got you there may be what is holding you back.? Anticipating this will help you plan for what to keep and where you need to develop new concepts and strategies and what to do with your most precious commodity ? your time.

Young people who come into financial services are challenged by a steep learning curve and lack of credibility.? They need to be persistent, smart and resilient.? Armed with solely a script and a phone, combined with networking is a recipe for failure causing large volumes of turnover, wasted resources and time on people who fail, and a big gap in age in the industry.

We help financial planners and commercial insurance salespeople increase their income by 2 to 3 times while giving them back their time.

  • Are you spending a lot of time networking or meeting with referral partners with unpredictable and inconsistent results?
  • Or spending a lot of money on expensive dinners or telemarketing with a low return on investment?

How We Help

  • We help you develop the IDEAL CLIENT PROSPECTING SYSTEM?, a business growth plan that clarifies the target market strategy and prospecting plan that will get you the right amount of meetings with your ideal prospects.
  • We will help you implement your marketing, prospecting and sales process through group training and one-on-one coaching.
  • We help you calculate your formula for success, help with accountability, and help you track and adjust for continuous improvement.
  • We help you manage your time by focusing on the most important activities for continued growth while taking good care of your existing clients and eliminating unproductive and wasted prospecting time.
  • The results could double or triple your monthly income from the kind of clients you want with your desired mix of commission and fees within 4 to 6 months.

If you own an agency, click here to find out how we can help you recruit top producers and make sure they produce.


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We worked on a proactive approach to get into new markets with Our Sales Coach. Applying the strategies and practices learned from Our Sales Coach has helped us to bring in some more profitable clients for our business. We are now considering having them help other sales professionals at our firm .

Derek Miele

Vice President, Affinity Marketing