Every client who has followed the Our Sales Coach process has exceeded their goals and gotten over 250% ROI and you can too!


Selling on the phone or face to face, some of the biggest challenges in technical sales are getting time with busy prospects and getting to the right people.? This leads to tons of wasted time prospecting, following up on cold or warm leads, and chasing people after you have had a conversation or given a demonstration.

Do you still rely on cold calling as a primary source for your leads?? The typical formula when cold calling is 2 closes for every 100 contacts.? You could be wasting time with 98% of the people you talk to and even more trying to get them on the phone. Many companies are getting good at inbound marketing strategies and marketing automation.? This generates awareness and you learn something about their interests.? It?s what you do with the awareness that counts and most of the time, when your salespeople reach out, the prospect is not expecting your call.? It is still cold.

At Our Sales Coach, we will help your Business Development Representatives perfect a dialogue that will get the attention of your prospects, qualify them for a meeting and get the appointment.? We will also help you combine more efficient prospecting strategies with what is already working for them.

Salespeople in technical applications can rely too much on demonstrations and features.? Wouldn?t your time be better spent doing demos and presentations after you:

  • Understand the prospect?s compelling reason to buy (and they are not the same)
  • Know they are committed to do something (and not nothing)
  • Know their decision process and how to manage it
  • Know what they are willing to invest and how

How much time do you spend following up with people who don?t buy or buy from someone else? At Our Sales Coach, we change these behaviors and help you develop a sales process that will improve close rates and increase production.

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I came into the program discouraged about sales and hoping Winfree could help us recruit a salesperson. We decided to first work on the sales strategy and get the sales up before recruiting. After 3 months in the program, our sales were up 30% and I had completely changed my attitude about sales. After 6 months, we were up 60% and instead of recruiting for sales talent, we were recruiting for people to help us take care of our new customers. I began to learn how to look at my business as a CEO instead of as a salesperson or a technician. After 9 months, we were up 100% and in a much stronger position to be looking to add to our sales staff.

Chris O?Neill

President, Net Tel One Communications