Every client who has followed the Our Sales Coach process has exceeded their goals and gotten over 250% ROI and you can too!

Marketing and Sales

A business can no longer survive without an integrated marketing and sales plan. ?People will do their own research when trying to understand the issues they face and the business that helps them with that process has the competitive advantage.

Small and medium sized businesses can?t afford to invest time and resources on marketing and sales activities that don?t pay off. ?If forced to choose between one or the other, where are you going to get the best return?

This is why we are offering a combined marketing and sales service that produces immediate results. ?We will work with the marketing person of your choice or bring in a marketing professional who will match up with your business and marketplace. We will help you develop a strategy that will put qualified prospects in your pipeline and produce measurable outcomes. From products and services, to platforms and applications, together we can help you to build and sell your brand.

Brand & Media Guides , Websites & Landing Pages, CRM & Marketing Automation, Email & Social Media Campaign, Slide Deck & Documentation, Print Collateral & Promotional Materials are all integral pieces to your marketing and sales plan.

Concerned about limited resources? ?You are already investing in sales, even if it is your own time. ?You may not need to invest more, just invest smarter or put a little more in to scale much faster. ?

Salespeople experience much lower lead conversion rates from their prospecting activities than they need to. ?This is because their marketing isn?t providing them with qualified, priority prospects who are willing to take their call and sales is not providing strategies to get messages that can?t be ignored to the right people at the right time. ?The result is slower growth and wasted time and resources.

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