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Think about any employee that did not work out. It typically is because of one or more of the following:

  • Bad attitude
  • Wrong behavior in certain situations
  • Lacking soft skills that cause problems with other employees or customers

These things are very difficult to get from a series of two hour interviews. You find out only after you hire them and observe their behavior for a couple of months. By then you have wasted time and money recruiting and training them. Even worse they may have caused internal or external damage and not produced the results you hired them for. If they turn out to be a weak performer, investing in them will have little impact.
How we can help

Benchmarking the top producer

Chances are your top 10% are doing 10 times more production than the rest. How are you benchmarking what makes a top producer and integrating what you have learned into your recruiting process?

At our sales coach we will help you with this benchmark. We set standards for what they should be motivated by, how they will behave in certain environments and the top seven soft skills that are essential for someone to excel in the position. Without benchmarking the job, all motivators, behaviors and soft skills seem important.

Recruiting Process

Problems with recruiting usually result from an incomplete process. We help you develop and implement a 16 step process that ensures you are doing everything you can to recruit and hire the best candidate for the position.

Many times recruiting decisions are made when a couple of candidates have presented themselves and you need to make a decision on them. In this case you tend to focus on their strengths and ignore the concerns or uncertainties. The right way is to know what you are looking for, source a lot of strong candidates, implement a comprehensive due diligence process and select the best candidate from four that you are ecstatic about.

Sourcing Candidates

We can work with the search firm of your choosing, recommend or work with the best one for your business or help you determine the best channels for your own internal search. Our only goal is to find you the best candidate.



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