Value-Led Selling: How To Attract and Win Your Ideal Clients

Becoming a top-producing salesperson starts with understanding where to find your best opportunities. In this book we show you how to identify your ideal targets and when they may be in the buying cycle. We discuss how to develop the dialogue that will get the attention of the decision-makers you want to meet with and be crystal clear on what makes you different from the competition. Armed with these things, your prospects will want to meet with you to find out more.


We cover how to develop a prospecting plan that will eliminate the rollercoaster ride of inconsistency. When your pipeline is consistently full of good opportunities, it boosts your confidence and has an impact on your attitude such that prospects will want to do business with you. We show you how to track what you should be tracking to know how efficient you are with your time and resources and where you can improve.

We cover how to build trust with people that develops into long-term profitable relationships and how to execute a sales process and increase your close rate. This will enable you to identify potential stalls and objections before they happen, so you waste less time with people who aren’t committed to change or end up buying from someone else.
This will reduce the need to negotiate increasing your profit margins and provide you with more time to plan and strategize on how to continue to increase the revenue and profit you produce.

Time and relationships are a salesperson’s greatest assets. You will learn how to balance time between existing customers and net new prospects. When you put the practices in this book in place you will have all you need to consistently build your asset base in both categories.

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