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Latest News from Ken

I have well over 25 years’ experience in the ‘Industrial’ sales/sales management field. This was without a doubt one of the very best ‘sales training/coaching’ sessions I have ever attended. Ken did an outstanding job for us. I consider him at the ‘top of his game’, and highly recommend his services.”

David Adams, National Sales Manager – BETE FOG NOZZLE, INC

“I came to Our Sales Coach wanting to increase our sales. Using the methods and techniques learned after 4 months in the program our monthly sales production had doubled. Using the skills learned from Ken, we have obtained larger and more profitable clients.”

Aaron Leppo
President, Full Line Graphics

“… After 3 months in the program, our revenue was up 30% and I had completely changed my attitude about sales. After 6 months we were up 60% and instead of recruiting for sales talent, we were recruiting for people to help us take care of our new customers. I began to learn how to look at my business as a CEO instead of as a salesperson or a technician.”

Chris O’Neill
President, Net Tel One Communications

“I now have systems to track my leads, activity and results and have a selling system that enables me to predict my results. I see the power of this approach developing and I am gaining confidence in my ability to control the work flow and to meet my growth and retirement goals.

Bob Livermore
Livermore Edwards and Associates – Planning and Architecture


“Ken taught me how to properly qualify my relationships and prospects so I am spending my time on the right opportunities and with the right people. He taught me a system that I am using to get predictable results and how to track my leads, activity and results. I have been using these systems and hitting my goals in less than 3 months.”

Derek Desharnais
Bright-Light Electrical Company, Inc.

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