Sales Training for Technology Companies

Software Sales Training

Enterprise Sales Training

Key executives of large corporations are not surfing the web for software solutions. At Our Sales Coach, we help your Business Development Representatives perfect an effective dialogue that will grab the attention of your prospects, qualify them for a meeting, and secure an appointment. We also help Account Executives with higher level prospecting that leads to conversations and qualified meetings with key decision makers.

When your salespeople make contact with prospects, they are usually not expecting the call and may not be in the market for your technology offering. We make sure your team members are:

  • Getting to the key decision makers and influencers
  • Getting them to communicate their compelling reasons to change and adopt your technology
  • Get them to commit to the change
  • Manage the decision process so they move forward and not stall

Have your team sell to value not features and benifits

Enterprise, Mid-Market and SMB SaaS Sales

Salespeople in technical applications overemphasize the importance of demos and features when selling. Technical sales should prioritize customer needs over product features and demos. Doing demos and presentations prematurely leads to stalls, low close rates, and wasted time.  We will help your sales team:

  • Uncover the prospects’ motivations to purchase.
  • Secure commitment from prospects to take action.
  • Guide and manage the decision-making process.
  • Understand budgetary limitations and determine what is feasible for them to invest.

Instead of spending time on follow-ups for people who don’t buy or buy from someone else, let us show you how to make the most of every sale opportunity.

Get Consistent Sales Results Every Month

IT Managed Services and Telecom Sales

Managed service providers and telecom companies operate in highly competitive markets. Let’s face it, your next new customers are probably using a competitor. Even if they aren’t, you are competing with the status quo. Your salespeople need to be talking with enough prospective new customers every month to find those with a compelling reason to change. Let us help you develop and execute on the processes that will produce consistent growth to support the additional resources and profit to bring more value to your business.

Uncover the real reasons people will buy from you

Get meetings with decision makers

Get more meetings today

Increase Your Meetings with Decision-Makers

  • Implement more effective prospecting strategies
  • Learn how to leverage channel partners and BDR teams for increased success
  • Articulate the value of your technology in a way that grabs attention
  • Identify and eliminate low-impact prospecting activities

Close More Deals Today

Increase win rates & reduce wasted time

Close More Deals Consistently

  • Increase success rate in closing deals
  • Decrease the time taken to close a sale
  • Identify prospects ready to buy and their purchase timing
  • Efficiently handle customer reluctance and objections

Get more meetings from your BDRs

Invest in your sales team today and watch them reach their full potential

Business Development Representative (BDR) Training

  • Schedule more calls with busy prospects
  • Identify the true decision-makers and influencers
  • Qualify real prospects for a meeting
  • Establish a follow-up system and timeline
  • Reduce wasted time chasing people who won’t buy

Attention Sales Team Managers

Get Consistent Sales Results Every Month