Sales Training for Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

Sales Training for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

We are the sales training experts for manufacturers. How many more of your top tier customers would you like to develop? At Our Sales Coach we train and coach regional sales representatives to get more from their distribution network and bring in more of those ideal clients. We can also train account managers to cross sell more products and services to existing customers and bring in new ones. We’ll help you develop a process that gets better results: more buyers, higher close rates, and consistent sales results

Sales have become increasingly competitive and purchasers are more demanding. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to be ready to adapt your sales strategy and process to meet current market trends.

Our team can help you develop and execute a plan that will bring in profitable revenue while adapting to the changing needs of your business. Let us help take you to the next level with our sales training for manufacturing businesses.

Take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation to gain insights on how to improve your sales process and increase both your top-line and bottom-line growth.


It’s time to take a proactive approach to consistent, controllable growth

Regional Sales Representatives

Execute on a proactive sales plan

Regional Sales Representatives and Specialists

  • Identify potential new top tier clients
  • Gain access to decision-makers when their interest in purchasing is highest
  • Promote the worth of your products and services over cost
  • Increase the close rate and reduce the time frame for closing deals
  • Optimize performance from distributors and sales representatives
  • Break into novel markets

Account Managers

Invest in your sales team today and watch them reach their full potential

Account Manager

  • Maximizing sales to existing customers
  • Build strong relationships with multiple stakeholders within customer accounts
  • Eliminate “I didn’t know you did that” from customer’s vocabulary
  • Focus on selling value rather than price
  • Create new customers without compromising service levels

Attention Sales Team Managers

Get Consistent Sales Results Every Month