Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Reduce The Sales Cycle

by | Sales

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the secret sauce that’ll help you close more deals faster.

Get the Emotion, Get the Deal

Customers buy based on emotion; your job is to read them. Salespeople rarely stick with the conversation to generate the emotional response to what has the prospect upset, excited, or worried. When they don’t address these emotions head-on, opportunities stall.

Listen to Win

Active listening isn’t just hearing words, it’s reading between the lines. It’s about catching the subtle cues in tone and body language. Do this, and you’ll uncover what is really important to earn their trust.

Create a Feel-Good Experience

Remember, people buy from folks who make them feel good. Use your EI to forge a positive emotional connection with your prospects. Make them feel valued.

Empathy: Your Biggest Trust-Builder

Genuine empathy validates your prospects’ emotions, building trust and credibility. They’ll see you as a caring solutions provider, not just a salesperson.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Learn to identify the type of person you are dealing with. Then choose words that cater to their preferred behavioral style.

Pitch With an Emotional Compass

Pay attention to your prospects’ emotional response. If they’re upbeat, you’re on the right track. If not, time to switch gears.

And there you have it…

Leverage Emotional Intelligence to know if you are dealing with a motivated buyer, close the business faster, and build genuine customer relationships. Try this, and watch your sales game go from good to great.