Every client who has followed the Our Sales Coach process has exceeded their goals and gotten over 250% ROI and you can too!



? Technical Support International – We worked with Our Sales Coach for sales training and coaching. Applying the systems and practices learned from Our Sales Coach has helped us to grow our top line sales year after year. When we first came into the program, we were primarily cold calling for appointments. We are now applying a variety of marketing and prospecting channels that has greatly improved our sales efficiency.
Jeremy Louise
Account Manager

I came into the program discouraged about sales and hoping Winfree could help us recruit a salesperson. We decided to first work on the sales strategy and get the sales up before recruiting. After 3 months in the program our sales were up 30% and I had completely changed my attitude about sales. After 6 months we were up 60% and instead of recruiting for sales talent we were recruiting for people to help us take care of our new customers. I began to learn how to look at my business as a CEO instead of as a salesperson or a technician. After 9 months we were up 100% and in a much stronger position to be looking to add to our sales staff.
Chris O’Neill
Net Tel One Communications

Professional Services

“Prior to starting with the Our Sales Coach program the firm had experienced a downturn in each of the two core markets we were in. In one, there was a significant decline and we had determined it was a market that represented a good deal of aggravation with little profit. In the other, economic pressures had delayed projects and slowed the flow of leads.
Working with Ken, we set in place a target goal to triple our sales. We developed a marketing strategy and prospecting plan for the one market we wanted to stay in and get into some new markets. I now have systems to track my leads, activity and results and have a selling system that enables me to predict my results.
I have built up a pipeline of projects to pursue and have developed a better understanding of how to evaluate my chances for success so I can make critical decisions on how to focus my time. I see the power of this approach developing and I am gaining confidence in my ability to control the work flow and to meet my growth and retirement goals.”
Bob Livermore
Livermore Edwards and Associates
Planning and Architecture

“I started working with Ken at a time when the economy was in a downturn and the construction industry was severely affected. Although our company was continuing to grow in spite of the economy, some of the markets we were in were becoming increasingly more competitive affecting our margins.
I wear many hats for the company including sales and I had never had any formal sales training. With Ken we set goals to increase our business in the two most profitable markets we were in, one by two times and the other by four times.
We put a plan in place to accomplish this and Ken taught me how to properly qualify my relationships and prospects so I am spending my time on the right opportunities and with the right people. He taught me a system that I am using to get predictable results and how to track my leads, activity and results. I have been using these systems and hitting my goals in less than 3 months.”
Derek Desharnais
Brite-Lite Electrical Company, Inc.

“I came to Our Sales Coach wanting to increase our sales. Using the methods and techniques learned after 4 months in the program our monthly sales production had doubled. Using the skills learned from Ken, we have obtained larger and more profitable clients.”
Aaron Leppo
Full Line Graphics

“I met Ken Cheo a year ago July when I felt I had hit the ceiling in business development. Leads weren’t being realized as sales and cash flow was down. My margin of profit was narrow. Since working with Ken individually and benefitting from his weekly sales classes, my sales are up considerably and cash flow is sustaining my needs for expansion of my business. Ken is easy to work with, keeps me on target, makes me accountable and offers direction, all the things that help grow the business. What he has taught me is invaluable. I would recommend his services to anyone who was serious about increasing sales. He’ll help you do just that.”
Beverly Moore
President of Sweet Grapes, Inc.


  • Hub Insurance ? I wanted to thank you for the opportunity of working with Ken Cheo and Our Sales Coach. I have now completed my sales course with him and what I have learned from Ken has been amazing. I have a completely different perspective of my business now and on how to manage my daily business activities and behavior in order to achieve my long-term goals. Ken has been a phenomenal coach as I come back in to the insurance industry and work towards my goals. The knowledge I gained will serve me for a lifetime, I really appreciate it.
    Alvania Lopez
    Sales Executive, Private Client Group
  • Advanced Resources Marketing – We worked on a proactive approach to get into new markets with Our Sales Coach. Applying the strategies and practices learned from Our Sales Coach has helped us to bring in some more profitable clients for our business. We are now considering having them help other sales professionals at our firm ?

Derek miele,
Vice President , Affinity Marketing


Ken is a terrific coach. He was able to work with me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. From there, with his guidance I was able to strengthen my weak areas. What was so useful was that with his efforts I developed ? and therefore I owned ? the changes that I needed to make. Ken is tenacious in his approach, a critical trait for helping change behavior. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with professional sales.

Michael J. Radin
Attorney at Law
TARLOW BREED HART & RODGERS, P.C.Posternak ? in progress


Eastern – We asked Our Sales Coach to work with all of our Branch Managers to better prepare them on developing new commercial relationships as a key goal for 2015 was to increase lending to small businesses. The managers completed online training and then participated in work in groups on applying what they had learned and had monthly group coaching sessions to practice the new behaviors. After 4 months our sales results were significantly higher and the focus and practices Our Sales Coach brought to us helped us achieve the results.

Senior Vice President, Director of Retail Banking
Eastern Bank

I would be more than happy to recommend Ken Cheo, Our Sales Coach to any institution looking to increase productivity and profits. We have used Ken’s expertise over the years to coach officers and managers in our wealth management division, in our commercial lending department, and in our retail sales operations. We were very pleased with the results of the training and coaching, which enabled us to:

  • Double our monthly revenue in the wealth management division within 18 months
  • Build confidence and enhance “outside” sales techniques in our junior commercial lender, increasing productivity and performance six-fold in less than a year, and
  • Mentor retail branch managers to increase acquisition of new customers, increase cross-selling of additional services, produce effective strategies for increasing referrals for other bank services including wealth management, commercial lending, and consumer and residential financing.I would highly recommend this training and coaching to any local bank looking to increase revenue from new or existing markets.Paul M. Pecci
    Braintree Co-Operative Bank
    President/ CEO


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