10 Tricks to Boost Your Social Media Promotions in 2021

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From Guest Blogger, Kurt Evans

Don’t waste your time chasing after ineffective or fad social media promotion tricks this year. Business owners simply don’t have the time or money to waste on bad solutions. Instead, try out some of these simple tricks to help boost your social media presence, promote your brand, and build your business for the rest of the year.?


Holding a giveaway or sweepstakes on your social media profiles is a good way to quickly build an audience. People will share your content in an effort to get more chances to win, and for the price of one or two of your products (or whatever you’re offering), you can often see some pretty substantial growth.?


Surveys are a good way to encourage engagement from your followers, and they’re a good promotion for your business. Posting regular, interactive content is a sure-fire way to get people to follow your posts, engage with your page, and (fingers crossed) make a purchase!

Video Content

Don’t skip the video content. You don’t need to create hour-long sagas, but regular, short video clips about your company, employees, mission, or products can go a long way to getting more people to enjoy your social media posts. Check out Magisto if you need some help with a free video editor.?

Use a Keyword Listener

These can be a great way to follow how people are talking about your brand online. Using a service like Sosemo can help you keep track of mentions of your brand or product, so you’re ready to respond as soon as it comes up.

Update Your Graphics

If your graphics look like they’re from the 90s, you need to upgrade them. Head over to Logocreator to create a brand new, professional logo for free, and check out Upwork to find a graphic designer to help you create eye-catching graphics.?


The Power of Hashtags

There’s a reason everything seems to have a hashtag with it; they simply work. Twitter is a huge social media platform, and tapping into the power of relevant hashtags can help you boost your social media outreach to new heights. Try putting one or two on the end of your social media posts to help more people see it.?

Boost User-Created Content

Find a way to tap into the creativity of your audience for a serious boost to your social media promotions. If you have a creative audience, take the time to engage with them and boost their content on your own social media pages. It gives them a boost to their self-esteem, and you’re essentially getting marketing materials for free!

Pay for Advertising

A few dollars can be quite effective when it comes to paying for advertising on social media. Paid advertising can boost your brand more quickly than simply creating a free profile page for your business, and it can get your page in front of more people who may be more likely to make a purchase.?

Optimize for Mobile

If you’re on social media, you should have a website to send potential customers to when they interact with your posts. That website should be optimized for mobile devices. If load times are too long, or the zoom isn’t correct, or your buttons don’t work, you’ll quickly lose credibility and customers. If you have to choose between optimizing for computers or for mobile devices, choose mobile.?

Use Live Video

Finally, feel free to incorporate live video in addition to pre-recorded video. Live videos allow you to interact with your audience in real-time, and they can create an emotional bond between your brand and your customers. Try them out today!